Program development

We develop software that can handle data integration and automate your manual processes.
We also make software that can handle a slightly more general level which retrieves and sends data from different system which can be edited and saved, so that you do not have to operate in several systems at once. We primarily develop software in the following technologies:
C # .NET, Python, PHP, NodeJS, Angular, bootstrap, MSSQL or MYSQL but can also handle other technologies.

Data Integration

We make it possible for your systems to exchange data with each other so you avoid manual processes that can be translated into automation. It can be your security systems, Building automation and HR. We can get your systems integrate so that you do not have to operate in several different systems at once. get your access control system to retrieve data from your HR so you don't have to copy-paste informations between them. We can retrieve alarms and inputs from most systems and pass them on to eg. an "overall system" or between systems, it could be input from your Alarm system to your CTS system or vice versa as sensors on the same devices (windows, doors, motion sensors) may be used in other systems.

Technical Support

We advise on the selection and implementation of guest registration systems, access control, burglar alarms and video surveillance as well as integration thereof. We will be your sparring partner regarding server choice, setup in your IT environment and help communicate the solutions from Physical needs to IT structure. We help with setting up servers and SQL databases for eg. Milestone, AEOS and more.
As a technical advisor, we can assist you with setting up servers, adding and managing devices on your network, and navigate your IT environment based on your policies. We also help with support tasks for own or external technicians on your systems so that there is a consistency throughout your setup that is easy to document.