MH Technologies makes IT solutions that can replace manual processes and digitize your technical installations.

Morten Haagen (Owner) has 11 years of experience in the Security bussiness and he started out as a security technician, where he has made large and small access control, security and video surveillance systems. Subsequently, he has been the project manager on various small and large security projects in both the private and public sectors.

Morten has always been most fascinated by IT and the software part, but has great insight into both the design and execution of the installation work. Morten has extensive knowledge in software development and security, which makes it easy for him to pair these together into a product that can automate multiple processes and create smart solutions for both large and small companies.

MH Technologies is constantly working alongside ideas and prototypes that can make it easier for you to handle internal security. We are also very responsive to ideas you may have in order to optimize your systems, so together we can assess whether there is a basis for collaboration.